Discovered of the "Swiss Vise" (Marc Petitjean)

The last born from the Petitjean range has several qualities and here a rapid tower of horizon to familiarize you with new Must as regards vice.

There are three versions of Swiss Vise. All are delivered in a Cordura cover of sufficient size to receive the totality of the accessories there. Click here to download the complete vharacteristics of Swiss Vise (pdf 2,1 Mo)


who is the most economic version and lightest. You have a rotary head (see hereafter) and mobile, a fixing of table, with a very broad choice height, for a unit which weighs only 475 grams. It constitutes the entry of range of the series Swiss Vise but it has all qualities of the other models as regards manufacture and it is ideal for the voyage.


Mobile head on aluminium support. Ideal for the assemblers eager to have a vice which one poses on the table. Its weight is 1395 grams, the wandering fishermen will préfèreront lighter and general-purpose Master to him. The base contains four compartments which are used to arrange the hooks, the small accessories of assembly such as needles, balls, etc.


It is the most general-purpose model because you can at the same time use it on the edge of a table (with a very broad choice adjustable heights) or posed. It has a rotary head and an extensible arm. Its weight of 623 grams makes of it the ideal tool for all the fishermen who have to often move and to have under the hand a complete and functional vice.

The mobile head

The head of the vice is completely mobile and when you change the height of assembly, the bits are aligned so that the pole is in the good position. For the assembly of the fly, it is necessary to give a light pressure on the basis of bit, thus your fly do not fall all alone.

The rotary head

Of course all models: C-Clamp, Bases and Master have a rotary head. The mechanism is adjustable and very soft. That made of Swiss Aims one of the most general-purpose vices of the market.


To supplement the range, you can get a series of accessories especially designed for Swiss Vise:
- a waste bag
- a plate of contrast for better seeing the details during your assemblies
- a support for assembly parachute and rotary assembly
- a Base aluminium in order to transform C-Clamp or Master into "Base"
- carry-accessories
- a kit tubes fly