Assembly of a ball and Magic Head on needle

This easy way is carried out by Didier Meyer, it already took part in an article on the problems while you are tying a fly and the suitable solutions. Here it reveals us an original manner to pass from the balls, Magic Heads, etc on a hook, without difficulty. The method is so effective besides that it is not reserved to the fisherman-assemblers having some problems of sight:

1/ For this technique you should be provided with a needle with syringe (available in pharmacy). They are protected by a plastic tube, which will avoid the possible accidents with the point

2/ This needle is particular because it has a hollow end, it is what will enable us to place the point of the hook in the needle.
3/ You can place balls, cones, of Magic Heads... and even couple some of them as we will present it below to you.
4/ Here what the assembly in preparation resembles on the needle. Think within the meaning of the products when you position the ball or Magic Head, the base of the needle will be the back part of your fly deludes.
5/ Place the hook as photography shows it below. Crush the barb hook with a grip: THIS STAGE ESSENTIAL EAST.
6/ While taking the ball with the finger which holds the base of the needle, place the hollow end of the needle in the point of the hook. If you do not crush the tongue, you are likely to have difficulties in making pass the ball and even abimer your Magic Head.
7/ As soon as you release the ball, it goes down on the curve from the hook under the effect of its own weight, this is why it is essential to maintain it when you position the point of the needle on the hook.
8/ Make slip Magic Head and go up the unit on the pole of the hook.
9/ Change the position of the hook so that it is ready with your assembly.
A Thank you with Didier for these invaluable council by hoping that they will enable you to facilitate your daily newspaper of assembler