Dry: it will give to you the intense joy to see a fish gober your imitation. Be vigilant when you use flies which float on the wire of water (known as emergent) because certain people will say to you that this technique is prohibited if fishing in wet or nymph is also. They is false insofar as you practice on "gobage" and not "saw" as with an imitation noyee.

Wet: technique which makes it possible to take fish under sometimes difficult conditions. One can practise it by pechant river upstream (it is connected with fishing in nymph) or while descending the current (down stream) with a train from flies.

Nymph : There, color and form are not any more the fruit of the chance, those which will have the most success will be among the best pecheurs of the river and especially the moucheurs able to be observant, skilful and discrete in their approach.

Streamer : The streamer is a lure which you will have to handle to make it possible gravitational. In fact the fishing undoubtedly resembles more the technique of the throw. On water levels of the pond type or lake, the flexible feathers and fibres allow a perfect animation because the flexibility of fibres give a pretence of volume to the unit, while in river and particularly in the agitated rivers, they are rather the rigid fibres, the skins of animals which are most interesting.

Popper : For a few years, the pikes, poles and black-bass have let themselves try by these funny lures. It is for you the occasion to amuse you in the choice of the colors, the form, the size. While knowing however that large a popper does not frighten beautiful a black or a pike.