Here are presented the various icons which you can meet on this site.
By clicking this image, you can obtain a sight enlarged by the photography which is associated to him(her). Attention, does not work with Netscape.
The panoramic sight dashes automatically when all the elements are loaded with on your computer. You can activate(sue) the various commands(orders) for zoomer the image: click A there then click the element of the image which you want to enlarge. B will produce the inverse effect after you have zoomé an element. D boost(relaunch) the panoramic sight since its point of entrance(entry). E is not active on these pages and C is the option by default.
By clicking this image, you can show a video sequence in the format QuickTime. It is beforehand necessary to you to have installed the (free) module of reading. Click here to test your computer.
Link RealSpace When you show a panorama, this icon appears to the right of the display window , it is the link towards the site of the editor of the software 3D.
If you wish to promote this site, you can use this image to insert it into your web pages and make a link towards this site http: //
Click with the right button of the mouse PC or ctrl + click on Mac and copy the logo.jpg image towards your computer. Quite other usage will beforehand have to have been the object of an agreement with the author
By clicking the logo or the name of the model of pages flies (columns séche - flooded - nymph - streamer - popper), you can reach the descriptive index card of the assembly of every presented imitation.
Test the index card with the logo opposite.