MP Magic Head DVD

55 minutes film only in English and French.
(Ref MP-Magic Head DVD-Marc Petitjean)

The "Magic Head" of Marc Petitjean constitutes a small revolution in the world of fishing to the fly. With due respect to the purists, this accessory is really extraordinary since it makes it possible to make evolve our nymphs and streamers in a new dimension. Although it is proposed only in English language, this DVD is however very useful since it proposes to discover what makes it possible to obtain the addition of a "magic head" to our lures with catches of watery sights, but also a complete description of assembly by the "Master" in person. As the film is very visual, the problem of the language by nonthe English or French-speaking does not constitute a major obstacle. In the event of precise questions, you can contact me (contact page of the site). See a part of the video online by clicking here.