Waders JMC Extreme Zip

Product realized in breathing microfibre Enter HB, flexible and very comfortable matter. They have of 3 layers on the high part and 6 layers on the legs. All the seams are welded, the neoprene slippers are preformed, built-in gaiters. These waders is equipped with a tight closing ZIP. This revolutionary system makes it possible to thread or leave the waders easily. It is very apprécialble also to satisfy a nature's need. The use of closings of the rigorous mark Suisse RIRI is a guarantee of quality and sealing.

(Ref.VE 01015 (normal size) VE 01016 (King) - Mouches de Charette)

For the fishermen having the possibility of practising the wading, this accessory is of an irreproachable quality. The possibilities that offers the ZIP as well to satisfy a nature's need as to thread or withdraw the waders with facility make these waders JMC Extrême Zip an essential ally. The comfort of the breathing microfibre gets a real advantage at the time of the estival exits.
As all the fishermen with the fly are not only salad eaters!, JMC proposes waders "JMC Extrême Zip King" for the people of strong stoutness.